February 17, 2023

Spend Halloween in New York is simply a fantastic idea. This festival originated from the Anglo-Celtic islands and was introduced to the United States in the mid-19th century. It was only from 1920 that it began to be known and celebrated. 

The main tradition requires that children dressed in scary costumes go around the neighborhoods and ring at the door by threatening equally disguised adults to give them candy or they cast a bad spell on them.
This translates into the expression "Trick or Treat«  « !

If there is one area where the excellent Anglo Saxons are in lChristmas holidays and in the Halloween celebration.

In recent years, several events have been organised on occasion. of this Halloween party. Indeed, these are the Two previous weekends. On D-Day, on 31 Octoberdate of the vigil of Toussaint, where his nameAll Hallows EveThe Eve of All Saints Day.

In this article you will find the best places to spend an unforgettable Halloween party in New York.

Halloween in New York

Spending Halloween in New York City: taking a tour of Halloween in Brooklyn

Very little celebrated in France, Halloween is a true institution in the United States where it is prepared throughout the month of October. This celebration is accompanied by many decorations such as Climbing pumpkins, witches, ghosts, spider webs, skeletons. We suggest you discover all this time a tour in French in Brooklyn. You can even participate by decorating your own pumpkin and then drop it on a staircase at the foot of a house or in a park.

Attend New York City Village Halloween Parade

Halloween Evening, take part in the largest Halloween event in the world. The New York Village Halloween Parade has existed since 1973 and is held every year on 6th Avenue.. This is the craziest and most exciting moment of Halloween in New York with a ever more impressive costume parade.

Spending Halloween in New York City visiting Merchant House Museum

Every Saturday and Sunday from October 1 to 30, visit the Merchants House Museum. Built in 1832, this house is the most haunted in Manhattan. History tells that 8 family members died in this house in the 19th century and they still live there. For a tariff $20, you are entitled to several animations like the Candlelight Ghost Tours, Killing a Evening with Edgar Allan Poe, Paranormal Investigation.

Book your tickets in advance and visit the Bronx Zoo during Halloween Party

Throughout October, you can celebrate this annual celebration every Saturday and Sunday at the Bronx Zoo. Designed to accommodate children with their families, this zoo offers make-up activities, tales, pumpkin decorations.

Spend a Halloween night at Green-Wood Cemetery After Hours

spend Halloween in New York cemetery

Why play scary when you can visit the cemetery Green-Wood At night, a flashlight in your hand?

Alone, as a family, as a friend or as a couple, you certainly don't risk forgetting a Halloween spent at Green-Wood After Hours Cemetery in New York. CHowever, costumes are not allowed for this visit.

If we have one last advice to give you to make your stay memorable, it is not to leave this city without having tasted the True American Hot Dog.

The Halloween Canine Parade at Tompkins Square

You have been warned that the Americans are celebrating Halloween with vast and bustling and well ltheir dog companions are not left behind. Indeed, it is well known that New Yorkers love their dog so, you had to expect them to organize a Halloween parade by adorning their toys with scary, cute, funny costumes. This is happening at Tompkins Square Park.

Halloween in New York City Canine Parade

Halloween in New York City taking part in Halloween Harvest Festival

If you are on the side of Queens, don't hesitate to take a walk to Halloween Harvest Festival who's holding on to it. This event allows you to admire one of the sculptures on pumpkinsFlight of the Gourds, to attend the manufacture of costumes, dance shows and the cutest dog costume contest.

spend Halloween in New York pumpkin sculpture

Discover Watsons, Adventures Scavenger Hunts

This is a nice activity for les fans of police series : shows and surveys to be carried out in teams, in various mythical places such as the Natural History Museum, Grand Central Terminal or MET. Some of these activities are for adults, while others are accessible to children and adolescents.

Halloween on the Farm – Visit Queens County Educational Farm

Still in Queens County, is a suitable educational farm for children aged 4 to 12. On site, you can taste the clean food during Halloween: hot cider, pumpkins and apples. You can also take part in the Fall Children's Festival of Queens County Farm held every weekend in October.

Participate in Mckittrick Halloween & Sleep No More

Cannot spend an unforgettable Halloween party in New York without attending the Mckittrick Halloween & Sleep No More. This evening for guests over the age of 21 begins with the Sleep No More show, and the evening continues at the McKittrick Hotel.

Where to find the costumes to rent for Halloween in New York?

As regards thea costume rental, You're embarrassed with choice in this big city. Many specialized shops offer a wide range of costumes for rent. You can also buy a costume. Other signs only open for Halloween.

So spend Halloween in New York, would you like it? Tell us in comments!


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